About Us

Since its inception in 1998, under the leadership of Dr. Diane Cox, TAGC has provided high quality, reliable and efficient DNA analysis services in support of researchers across the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and beyond.

In 2011, with Dr. Andrew Mason as Director, we have integrated new technologies for DNA preparation and sequencing and expanded our range of services and training to include Next Generation Sequencing, to accommodate the needs of U of A scientists.

TAGC team




The development of the current TAGC laboratory space and the integration of new platforms and services were made possible through support from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation,  the Centre of Excellence for Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Immunity Research (CEGIIR, Dr. Richard Fedorak),  the Alberta Institute for Viral Immunology (AIVI, Dr. David Evans) and the University Hospital Foundation.