Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 Results and Troubleshooting

The Agilent Bioanalyzer produces a monochromatic electropherogram and a representative gel image for each DNA sample and ladder. Each DNA chip uses a specific DNA ladder to appropriately size each sample. Moreover, each DNA sample is loaded in conjunction with an upper and lower marker for reference and quantification. 


The RNA chip is similar to the Agilent DNA based assays with the exception that they only contain a single lower alignment marker and produce an RNA Integrity Number (RIN) to compare the integrity of total RNA samples.


Technical support will be provided free of charge for all minor issues. Typical issues and resolutions include:





Late Injection of Ladder and/or Samples


Set up chip in a timelier manner to avoid evaporation of gel mix. If problem persists, re-make gel as the original gel tube could be the culprit.

Strange Sharp Spikes in Samples

Debris in lane (artifacts)

Dust and debris can cause artifacts thus setting up the chip in a timelier manner can help reduce this by allowing less time for dust to settle on your chip. Also, ensure that you are not pipetting from the bottom of the gel polymer tube where small particles can settle.

Poor Chip Prime

Poor seal on the chip priming station.

Ensure syringe is tight on the priming station. If the syringe is not tight contact TAGC staff for assistance.