Roche/454 GS Junior Sample Preparation and Submission

Prior to library construction or submission it is best to have an initial consult with a TAGC representative to go over project requirements and how our services can meet your research needs.

Samples are submitted to TAGC as dsDNA for Roche/454 library construction and subsequent sequencing.

Each sample must

  • be double stranded
  • have an OD 260/280 of approximately 1.8
  • have a concentration of > 5ng/ul
  • have a fragment size of > 1.5kb

For more information about sample submission and subsequent sequencing please contact TAGC.

Users can be trained on the GS Junior free of charge given enough notice to TAGC Staff. Training entails setup of one GS Junior run while supervised by a qualified staff member. Upon successful completion of training, the user will be capable to setup runs on their own.  All protocols will be provided to user upon training. 


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