Real Time PCR

TAGC houses a 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System, with 3 interchangeable blocks, for:

    • 96-well fast plates
    • 96-well standard plates
    • 384-well fast plates

The Fast-384 Tilda block can be installed and calibrated upon request.



The type of assays that can be performed on the 7900HT are:

  • allelic discrimination (quantitative analysis)
  • relative quantification of gene expression
  • absolute quantification
  • dissociation curve


TheĀ 7900HT supports both Taqman and SYBR green assays.


Upon completion of training with a member of the TAGC staff, users will be charged $20 for each run. Training is $80.

Contact TAGC to book the instrument. When booking, please specify the type of plate, so we can have the block ready for you.