7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System

TAGC houses a Life Technologies 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System. The instrument is equipped with an Argon laser and a CCD camera that detect wavelengths in the 500 – 660 nm range.


TheĀ 7900HT supports both Taqman and SYBR green assays.



The instrument is calibrated for the following fluorescent dyes (wavelength peak detection): FAM (520 nm), JOE (550 nm), NED (570 nm), ROX (610 nm), SYBR Green (520 nm), TAMRA (580 nm), TET (540 nm) and VIC (550 nm).


Additional dyes can be calibrated in the 500-660 nm range.


Current software version installed: Life Technologies SDS2.3